Anonymous asked: OK I'm not like a huuge art person or anything, and I hardly know anything about the effort it takes to make art, but you are seriously amazing and like a genius artist and wow. It probably took ages for you to make something so awesome, and you're amazing with the dedication and the details are so cools and it's all beautiful. Thank you so much!

aaaaah thank you for sending such a nice message, I’m glad you like my art so much!

cosmic-cuttlefish asked: Ahhhh! Your art is amazing ohmygosh. Do you sell prints?

Ah, no I don’t (yet), sorry! I’ve been considering starting to sell prints at some point in the future though, so if I do I’ll be sure to announce it on this blog

The Soldier - drawn in Photoshop

Captain Rogers, drawn in Photoshop

quick sketch of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord

Erik Lehnsherr, drawn in Photoshop

the winter soldier

protect bucky barnes at all costs

Anonymous asked: Hey there, I love your picture of Sleipnir! I was wondering if I could reference it in a tattoo?

sure, you can use it! I’d love to see some photos of the final product if that’s possible

It runs in the family